Ege University Bayındır Vocational Training School

Education was started in Bayındır Vocational Training School, which was decided to be established at the meeting held on 07.04.1997, in 1997-1998 academic year.
Since the 2000-2001 academic year, the school has continued to be serviced in a school with a closed area of 1.420m2 constructed on 42 decare land donated to the University from Bayındır Municipality.

The additional building, which started in 2007 with the protocol signed between our university and Bayındır District charitable businessmen Sadık SUSAMCIOĞLU, was completed in 2008. With the addition of the additional building in 2009, Bayındır Vocational Training School's closed area reached 2849 m2.
In constructing Bayındır Vocational Training School, the advantages of the region that it is located can be provided by the training education, and the human power structures required by the enterprises in this region are taken into consideration.

As a result of these evaluations, the programs to be carried out have been decided, and Bayındır Vocational Training School is still continuing to teach education in 5 formal education programs.
 All of the theoretical and practical courses are carried out in the school itself and the area is also utilized as it is a natural laboratory. In addition, with the organized technical trips, the production processes related with the fields of the students are provided. In addition to this, in order to contribute to the regional development which is one of the strategic goals of Bayındır Vocational School of Higher Education, many institutions and organizations are continuing their landscaping activities and thus providing opportunity for students.

The main aim of School is to educate students; to have a professional skill base that will facilitate adaptation to changing conditions, to have basic knowledge based on technology, to work as a team, to adapt to changing conditions, and to be a successful intermediate human power in the field.
 Our aim as Bayındır Vocational School is; to contribute to the development of agriculture and textile activities of the Aegean Region and our country by educating technicians who have the ability of analytical thinking and follow modern, innovative, technologically and actively using it.

The Year of Establishment


Academic Staff






Laboratory and workshops in Bayındır Vocational Training School

  • 1 Plant, Soil andWater Analysis  Laboratory
  • 1 GarmentWorkshop
  • 1 Fasion Design Workshop
  • 2 ComputerLaboratory
  • 9 Greenhouse
  • 3 Technical Drawing Classroom